December 2007

Friday, December 7, 2007

Masala Roti

Ingredients :
Prep time: 30 min serves 4

-4 medium potatoes boiled,peeled,cubed.
-1green chili, ginger chopped
-2 curry leaves optional
-1 tsp.cumin seeds
-1 tsp.sugar
-1 tsp fresh lemon juice
-1tbsp coriander and cumin powder
-1/4 tsp or pinch of astofedia
-1/4 tsp garam masla
-salt to taste
-2tbsp oil
-1 pkt tortillas

How to make :

1.Heat oil in saucepan on medium heat. Add cumin seeds,astofedia,curry leaves,chilli and ginger.
2.Add cut potatoes,sugar,lime juice,garam masala, salt and spices.
3.Mix it well. Set aside.

1.Heat the skillet. Warm the flour tortillas. Add masala .Roast the tortillas. cut into pieces.
Garnish it with cilantro and grated carrots.

-Delicious,easy to make and fulfilling. Enjoy!

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